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Why join?

The Bridal Retailers Action Group’s mission statement is to make the bridal industry a better place to trade. Becoming a member puts you in prime position to both benefit from and help achieve that goal.

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Voice your bridal industry points of view

Share with us your bridal industry concerns, objections, and experiences and we will endeavour to put your comments in front of the people who may be able to effect change: the designers, manufacturers, exhibition organisers & media.

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Dispute Resolution

Sadly disputes between retailers and customers are all too common. Such problems can be stressful, time consuming and costly. Avoid court action by letting the Bridal Retailers Action Group act as mediation to find a solution for your problem.

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Bridal Retailers Action Group Mission Statement


  • To be part of and work within the bridal industry, not against the industry.
  • Joining together in mutual understanding and support of you, the retailers.
  • Encouraging professional working relationships between retailers and the designers or manufacturers.
  • Working for you the retailers within the industry to help make brides aware of the true value of our retail shops.
  • Offer you the opportunity to tell the industry what you want.

About  Jane Watson

Jane Watson CEO of the Bridal Retailers Action Group, is the number one leading management consultant within the industry, having over 25 years experience within the bridal industry including owning her own retail fashion and bridal shops and running her consultancy service since 1993. ( Read more )

Just a few testimonials from clients

It makes me thankful that I found Jane when I most needed, and I am looking forward to making my business even more profitable and professional.

Previous Client

Shop Owner, Bridal Retail

I was ready to sell my business after trading for many years because of problems with staff, too many sale samples and not coordinating everything the way it should be. After having a two day consultancy with Jane Watson I felt like a new person and ready to implement changes I hadn’t even thought of.

Previous Client

Shop Owner, Bridal Retail

We are just about to open our own Bridal retails premises. Jane Watson pointed us in the right direction and made us aware of many aspects of the Bridal Industry that we had no knowledge of at all.

Previous Client

Shop Owner, Bridal Retail


We are still operating and providing our usual services.

Please be ensured that we are committed to continuing to serve all of our valued clients during this unprecedented time so please don’t hesitate to get in touch as usual with any questions and requests.