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Voice your bridal industry concerns and opinions

Join the Bridal Retailers Action Group and we will endeavour to put your comments in front of the people who can help make changes.

If you have concerns or opinions that you would like addressed and you would like us to voice your opinion on your behalf then we will venture to talk to the people concerned, tackle issues about your concerns when possible.

We are constantly keeping in touch with suppliers and retailers, we have had contact and business relationships with many designers, and we enjoy good relationships with the organisers of trade exhibitions, all of which puts us in good position to air your opinions.

We come complete with years of experience in the bridal industry…

Over the years we have helped start up many new businesses, and as a consultancy service our intention is to ensure anyone wanting to open a bridal retail shop has as much knowledge about our industry as possible. If a new business is to survive, they will need to know everything possible about our industry before the business is opened.

We also have vast experience helping established retail shops wanting to enhance their business by increasing sales, removing unwanted dress samples and streamlining business operations. Many businesses open without the full knowledge of what is involved and how to organise the business, and we have been there to help.

Join the Bridal Retailers Action Group now.


Join the Bridal Retailers Action Group today


Just a few testimonials from clients

It makes me thankful that I found Jane when I most needed, and I am looking forward to making my business even more profitable and professional.

Previous Client

Shop Owner, Bridal Retail

I was ready to sell my business after trading for many years because of problems with staff, too many sale samples and not coordinating everything the way it should be. After having a two day consultancy with Jane Watson I felt like a new person and ready to implement changes I hadn’t even thought of.

Previous Client

Shop Owner, Bridal Retail

We are just about to open our own Bridal retails premises. Jane Watson pointed us in the right direction and made us aware of many aspects of the Bridal Industry that we had no knowledge of at all.

Previous Client

Shop Owner, Bridal Retail